Wednesday, 2 November 2016



I slide in behind a bush
Other people were hiding near me
They were talking
Be quiet!

A cold brick wall stands behind me
My back’s getting cold
Stay hidden!

I see other people that have already been found
they looked annoyed, some just frowning.
I have this nagging feeling
I need to go to the toilet
Hold on!

I jump out of the bushes
the teacher blurts out
Got ya!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


We read an article about a fleet of research waka which spent two years criss crossing the Pacific ocean, observing rubbish in the Pacific Ocean.   They noticed that if they found rubbish in the ocean, it usually meant they were getting close to land.  Because of this, we infer that most rubbish in the ocean comes from land. 

We wondered if the rubbish in our playground might have a similar trend.   We decided, before lunch on Wednesday last week, to go and find out. 

We split the school into 12 sections on a map.  Each section had a group of scientist (us!) to make observations and inferences.

We put a red dot on the map wherever we found a piece of rubbish and collected all the rubbish. 
After lunch we went back, and noted with a blue dot, any new rubbish found in our area.  We also collected this rubbish.   This is our map, showing where we found rubbish, both times.

Our observations and inferences:  (Please answer these questions in full sentences for your presentation to another class)

1a  What do you notice about where the red dot rubbish is? (Observation) 
1b, Why do you think that is?  (Inference)  

2a. Is it the same in all parts of the map? (Observation)
2b Why? Why not? (Inference)

3a. Do some areas attract more rubbish of certain types than others? (Observation)
3b. Why might this be? (Inference)

4a.  What problems might there be with our data?(Inference)
4b. What difference does the wind make? (Inference)

5a. What have you learnt about rubbish in your playground? 
5b. What can we do about it?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

We need different Superheroes

This term I wrote about superheroes always coming from America. While I was writing I was learning to use questions to connect with the audience. I started with a rhetorical question to grab the audience's attention. I used a number of ideas to connect to my point of view. When I look back I think I could have made some improvements to my speech by adding more detail, but I was proud I finished my speech and read it to the class. When presenting my speech I felt nervous but I overcame my nerves and was happy I completed it.              

Here is my speech:

Do you have a favorite superhero¿ Maybe it’s spider man or maybe one of the green lanterns. Well did you know that ALL OF THEM ARE FROM AMERICA¿  
Can you think of a comic character that aren't from America¿ Or any other big country¿

What about the small island countries¿ There are heaps of American superheroes only some are from other big countries and maybe Canada. The American ones are the marvel ones like Iron man, Spider man, Thor, oh and don't get me started about Captain America. They could have just called him the captain! There’s also lots of other DC from America, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Robin, Cyborg, Raven and beast boy. 
I think we need NZ comic characters.      

Do you have any superhero ideas¿ How about the silver fern a Maori warrior wearing a black suit with a big silver fern dawn his chest and his sidekick kiwi kid. Silver ferns power could be used to control endemic plants and animals to help him fight bad guys.

How about a terror-tara¿ The terror-tara could wear a dark green suit and he's a criminal mastermind. His suit can turn very spiky. Another power is he is a master of disguise. He can blend into his surroundings as easily as throwing a pebble. Even though Terror-tara is evil he’s got a friend who is more agile.  Her name is killer kea. She has a scream that deafens everyone three kilometres away. She wears a silvery green suit and can turn feathers into throwing projectiles. SO DO you think we need more superheroes from places apart from America.                                          

There are so many American superheroes, no one could count them all. I still think we should have different superheroes. I don't mind if they're from Germany, Britain or even New Zealand. We could have Kiwi Kid, Silver Fern Warrior or the Terror-Tara. Do any of you like my ideas? Or do you have any NZ superhero ideas? Come and ask me after.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

golden wood

A golden piece of wood hides 
behind a white wall 
all alone.

It looks like a real piece of gold
ßut really has no value whatsΕ“ver.
Mistaken as the stone cold ore 
that made humans 
a lot more selfish.
Called GOLD. 

Where does my heart lie?

In Hokitika

Where the silver fern curls up then opens, 

reaching up to the forest and the sky.

Where the small forest grows very slowly, 

getting older .

Monday, 14 December 2015

Henry the stick man

 There is a little stick figure in my iPad. He steps on one of my apps. He spawns in flappy bird where he can see the tip of a green pipe. Then he tries to climb over but flappy bird hit him so hard that he smashes through 2 of the pipes. He quickly gets out of the app. He took a moment to breath then he steps on another app where everything is square as far as Henry can see. Only Henry wasn't square. A village is in the distance so Henry runs over there. It is made out of wood. Lots of villagers are walking around aimlessly. Henry LOVES Minecraft and he knows A LOT of Minecraft facts. By punching a tree he got all of the wood he needed. He quickly made 10 sticks then he made a sword & pick axe but then a zombie hit him. He was in tremendous pain. He wanted to kill the zombie but it started to run away. The zombie dropped some rotting flesh on the ground straight in front of Henry. He was horrified! And right in front of Henry was also a giant spider (alright guys these sparkles are to ✨✨calm you down✨✨). He realised it wasn't attacking him. Henry slowly walks away and EXITs the app. He starts slowly drifting off to sleep and he thinks about the crazy day he's been through.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pukeko Surprise


Has something surprising and weird happened to you when you didn't expect it?  Like finding your cat in the shower, or seeing a fly that keeps bumping into a window over and over, or your dog wiping it's butt on the carpet?  Surprising and  weird things make us laugh.  

Once,  I was by a fish and chip shop! There were some fence posts with wire on them, probably owned by a farmer. We were sitting at a table having some drinks. We saw just one pukeko standing there minding its own business. Then another pukeko came and scared the bejesus out of the first pukeko by  running past . As the pukekos were chasing, one of them scared a sheep. It ran away It was so funny. 

Sometimes weird things can happen that make us jump with laughter and this was one of them.