Wednesday, 24 June 2015

🐠🐡🐟🐳🐬 healthy Waterways 👍👏🏽✌🏿

Christchurch Waterways

Some rivers are man made and some are natural. Streams, ponds and lakes are natural, and they can be used for our enjoyment. Sadly a lot of people pollute the rivers and really don't care, by doing things like pouring chemicals into the water =( so help the environment by picking up the rubbish and so Mother Nature can be healthy.

When it is really stormy and windy it can create landslides that will block rivers and make them dirty but only when it is rainy. People can clean up rivers by planting trees.



Habitats are places that creatures live in. They swim around and hide from other predators in places like under rocks and in hollow pieces of wood. In New Zealand river animals like boatmen and backswimmers and mayfly live there. They need little plants like algae to Survive.

Testing Our Waterways

My class went to a drain close to the school we had to take sheets of paper that had questions about visual focus of the water way. We used a sheet to decide if it was healthy or not. At Styx River we found a lot of boatmen and we only got 4 bak swimmers. We had to get a really long stick with a sieve on the end. Then we dipped it in the lake and collected macroinvertebrates. Then we looked down a turbidity tube to see how clear the water is.

Suggested changes for our stormwater drain

  • We should put gravel in the storm water drain

  • Pick up rubbish

  • Put rubbish in the bin /not the drains

  • & keep being a tide kiwi

  • shut the bin lids

  • plant trees on the sides to the rivers to make shade

  • be careful where you wash your paint brushes

Why these changes are important

Well more tourists will come to our country.

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