Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pukeko Surprise


Has something surprising and weird happened to you when you didn't expect it?  Like finding your cat in the shower, or seeing a fly that keeps bumping into a window over and over, or your dog wiping it's butt on the carpet?  Surprising and  weird things make us laugh.  

Once,  I was by a fish and chip shop! There were some fence posts with wire on them, probably owned by a farmer. We were sitting at a table having some drinks. We saw just one pukeko standing there minding its own business. Then another pukeko came and scared the bejesus out of the first pukeko by  running past . As the pukekos were chasing, one of them scared a sheep. It ran away It was so funny. 

Sometimes weird things can happen that make us jump with laughter and this was one of them.


  1. Wow Luke! That was really cool. And very funny, too! I can connect with that. Sometimes weird things make us laugh! It reminds me of when Iris was sitting down and Mum walks past. And Iris burst into tears. Just because Mum walked past. (Don't worry, we didn't laugh at her because we were being mean. She was just having a tantrum!)
    Anyway, really awesome story Luke!

  2. Hi Luke, I love the humour you have used in your writing. You have observed some funny things animals do, and described how that makes you feel. I really enjoyed your story.