Monday, 14 December 2015

Henry the stick man

 There is a little stick figure in my iPad. He steps on one of my apps. He spawns in flappy bird where he can see the tip of a green pipe. Then he tries to climb over but flappy bird hit him so hard that he smashes through 2 of the pipes. He quickly gets out of the app. He took a moment to breath then he steps on another app where everything is square as far as Henry can see. Only Henry wasn't square. A village is in the distance so Henry runs over there. It is made out of wood. Lots of villagers are walking around aimlessly. Henry LOVES Minecraft and he knows A LOT of Minecraft facts. By punching a tree he got all of the wood he needed. He quickly made 10 sticks then he made a sword & pick axe but then a zombie hit him. He was in tremendous pain. He wanted to kill the zombie but it started to run away. The zombie dropped some rotting flesh on the ground straight in front of Henry. He was horrified! And right in front of Henry was also a giant spider (alright guys these sparkles are to ✨✨calm you down✨✨). He realised it wasn't attacking him. Henry slowly walks away and EXITs the app. He starts slowly drifting off to sleep and he thinks about the crazy day he's been through.

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